Balboa Peninsula Point High Surf alerts bring excitement to Newport Beach; thanks to “Hurricane Marie” who is generating the biggest Southerly Swells since 1996/1997.    Balboa Peninsula Point high surf  happened at 11:06 AM in Newport Beach California.  

Watch VIDEOBeautiful Surf at G Street – Thanks to Hurricane “Marie”

G St high surf produced 15 ft swells at 11:06 AM.     

Balboa Peninsula Point high surf brings “Surf City” back to Newport Beach.The wedge is experiencing California’s “Monster Waves. The waves, which were categorized by as “Good to Epic” in size, were delivered by Hurricane Marie, swirling off the coast of California. Surf City is back in Newport Beach CA on Balboa Peninsula Point with the promise of these high surf alerts.  This news has brought non-stop excitement for surfers and beach goers as they position themselves at the point.  Beautiful Surf at G Street – Thanks to Hurricane “Marie”Professional surfers prepared ahead and began cueing in from all over the world to take advantage of 25 – 30 ft. surf at the Wedge and all the way down to G Street where neighbors and ocean enthusiasts  gather in awe of natures 15ft. swells. High Surf advisory will be in effect for the next several days.

Weather forecasters predict minimal morning fog and temperature highs ranging from the upper 70s at the beaches to about 90 degrees inland.  At the wedge,
lifeguard rescuers were showing exhaustion as they continued their efforts to dive under heavy surf to assist other surfers.  Rip Currents count for 80% of Rescues.  Nearly 100 drowned in the U.S. because of them. Lifeguards, Police and Rescue departments have been busy with rescues throughout the summer making sure everyone  returns home safely after their day of fun.  It’s days like this that we cannot forget the heroic efforts of a 32-year-old Newport Beach Lifeguard – Ben Carlson-remembered as a hero  and the first in the city’s history to die in the line of duty.